Protect yourself from nasty, biting bugs​

Grapefruit, peppermint and tulsi will help you Chill Out.

Our Quick Drying Lavender Hand Sanitizer, smells great and cleans your hands without stickiness.

For information from the FDA about the dangers of triclosan, look here.

Smells great, feels better

Going on vacation? Having visitors to your house? Protect yourself from a bed bug invasion without dangerous, ineffective synthetic toxins. No bed bugz' herbal formula uses what the plants use. BTW ... we've added some essential oils to help you sleep too.​

Finally... a hand sanitizer without triclosan

Hot Flashes aren't Cool​

The summer brings mosquitoes that make your skin crawl.  Might we suggest DEET FREE Bye Bye Bugs? We've used essential oils of geranium, lemon eucalyptus, cedar and a few more that smell great and keep  bugs away.

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