Done a little too much in the garden or on the softball field?

Get Comfortable

In the Land of Comfort everything is so fine.  No stress, no pain, no hot flashes, no headaches and lots of sleep. Wanna go there?

Try Still Mind, Lavender Pillow Mist, What Headache, and Chilling spray

Hot Flashes aren't Cool​

Sweet Sleep​

Roll on temples, neck and forehead and say goodbye to tension headaches. Essential oils in a water base that can make you feel better without worries.​

Get warm speedy pain relief with Sore Muscle Rub . Made with warming capsicum and a wide rolling ball will massage your tired neck and back.

No more headache with no more aspirin​

Grapefruit, peppermint and tulsi will help you

Chill Out

Everybody and their mama knows that Lavender Pillow Mist is your ticket to blissful rest.  

Bliss Out.

The rest of the world is spinning but you're as steady as a giant sequoia. No anxiety, no stress, just calm and focused. Until you can go to India and have a heart to heart  with the Dalai Lama, help yourself to a little

Still Mind.

Hey Mom 

Children have a natural love for good smells.  In fact, they're more aware of scents than adults are and use scent to get a better idea of what's going on around them.  Your kids can feel more comfortable when they get to choose the smells around them.  Why not get your child a fragrance oil or spray made just for him or her that can be put on clothing, a favorite toy or a pillow when they worry or get scared?   ​

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