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For 30 years, fragrance lovers have trusted our  Olfactorium® for quality. Let us custom blend essential oils and fragrance for you, as we do for aromatherapists, spas and massage therapists. Our gentle botanical skin care creams, lotions and serums moisturize and protect your skin with only the freshest ingredients.

Making  bath and spa gifts? 

Aroma de Terra has  the essential oilsbase oils for all your projects.

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Let us design a scent just for you

Chilling - because Hot Flashes aren't Cool!

What Headache-Natural Headache Relief

Bye Bye Bugs Natural Mosquito Repellent

Quick Drying Hand Sanitizer - Lavender Formula

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Sore Muscle Rub

Scents aren't just for grownups

Children under the age of twelve are especially aware of scents. In fact, your child might even be hyper sensitive to smells. By scenting their clothing, toys or bed linens with the fragrances that they like, it is possible to help them focus on schoolwork, sleep, or calm down hyperactivity. Talk with your child about their favorite smells and then talk to us about making a special scent just for him or her. We'll label the scent with your child's name to make it a really special treat.

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If it smells good, we sell it

Once upon a time....

there was an Olfactorium in the Old Arcade. People the world over went there for the scents of their dreams; fancy fragrances and essential oils, made into perfumes and colognes, lotions and bubble baths.  They went home with bottles of fragrant magic for themselves and their friends.  They always knew where to go to buy the perfect gift.  What happened to that place?

It became Aroma de Terra, the most expert aroma shop in the Midwest.  Help us celebrate 32 years of experience helping you find the scents that makes you feel: glad, rich, good looking, special, or more complete. 

For those of you living in the metropolitan Cleveland area, you can have a personalized experience in our studio.  Call (216) 663-8831 for more details.

There are scents that can help you 

keep bugs away, feel cooler, sleep, reduce pain, and forget about headaches.